Touch Children's Hearts – Write Your Children's Book ​
Workshop for those, who love to make shine children’s eyes
In this workshop, you will be learning how you put all your ideas into a nice story,
which will be exciting for kids, or how you can improve your children’s book manuscript by easy methods
and how you turn it in order to touch your audience.
You will be receiving answers to the following questions:

How do I get drive into my story?

How do I shape my characters?

How do I create a great end to my story?

How do I find an illustrator for my book?

How do I publish and market my children’s book?

You will have the possibility to test your ideas or your texts or parts of it by reading it to the other participants of this workshop.

As it’s a very specially designed workshop, which wants to give you the best and most individual support, the number of participants is limited to three people.

You will get a professional feedback on your book project (value CHF 400.—) by the children’s book writer Esther Bürki.

More information about the Author, Journalist and the Brand and Self Publishing Label

Testimonial by a participant:
“Esther brings a lot enthusiasm in what she does and showed great professionalism. Her expertise is highly valuable and I felt confident she was the best person to address my project. She definitely has the ability to step into my mind and guide me throughout the creation of my book: visualizing my story, turning ideas into words, giving an emotional dimension to the characters and scenes. All of this without altering the essence of my story. She was careful and always ensured the outcome was genuinely reflecting my initial purpose. Last but not least the working atmosphere Esther offers is peaceful and luminous which is ideal to spend a whole day with her and stimulate my imagination. I am grateful for the interaction Esther and I had, I feel very inspired for the next steps to take and I look forward to meeting her again to pursue wholeheartedly my author journey!” 

The workshop is limited to three participants.
It includes: a professional feedback on your book project (value CHF 400.—).
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Esther Buerki's Story:
Writing has always been her thing. Journalist, editor and children’s book author Esther Bürki wrote her first letters as a girl to her mother, her first serious thoughts in adolescence in her diary. Her study of French, German and English literature in Zurich brought her closer to the world literature writers, but far from her own writing. Fascinated by Franz Kafka, Charles Baudelaire and Ingeborg Bachmann, she no longer dared to write her own texts.
Writing for newspapers, however, was easier. One of the biggest Swiss newspapers, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, gave her the opportunity to publish the first article about a French crime writer at Feuilleton. How many times did she turn around the sentences and exchange words until the newspaper article was ready? Hours, days, a whole month.
In three months newspaper volunteering, she gained pace while writing. She also lost her fear of the printed matter. One of the editors-in-chief told her at the end that she was the first volunteer who have written so many articles in a month, earning so much in line honorary.
Journalistic writing was for her the longer the easier. Wording and building nice sentences were no longer an issue. However, the claim to write as clearly as possible became her first concern. Now, she saw her role to translate complicated topics in a clear and understandable way.
«Léonard and Loulou», the first children's book, was created without violent birth pains. A translator for the English version and a translator for the French version, a graphic designer and a printing company were quickly found. The self-publication label SWISS MADE STORY was proud of its first publication.
Esther Bürki's goal was to find a real publisher for her book, and she found it in New York. «Leonard and Loulou» will be published by Morgan James on July 19, 2019 and will be sold in the bookstores in the US, Canada, Australia and England.
The story of the boy Leonard and the little cat Loulou will get its sequel in the book «Leonard and Lea». It will be printed at the end of 2019.
She likes to share her great know-how in writing and publishing books. Her inspiring and supportive attitude is very much appreciated by her clients.


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