STRIDE Lab | Scaling Impact (2nd edition), Impact Hub Zürich - Colab, Freitag, 04. Oktober 2019

A STRIDE Lab on how to scale the good things in the world.

“Fame is easy to acquire; impact is much more difficult." Hans Rosling

Our world is changing fast, probably faster than ever. But is it moving in the right direction? Is humanity able to keep it in a safe place given the toll our consumption pattern imposes on its climate and biodiversity? Will we be able to accelerate the highly needed transitions required?
Scaling has been often seen so far as growing and becoming big. In the business world, this is called “scaling-up” and it refers to the classical route of a company expanding its customer base and diversifying its value propositions. A lot can be learnt from scaling up especially in the new context of exponential organisations but scaling is more than that and can also mean replicating (without copying) local successes in other locations and different contexts.
This STRIDE Lab will introduce key concepts, methods and possible tools to make this happen.


You are interested to scale your work on creating a sustainable future
You want to apply tools and methods to your work on creating a sustainable future.
You want to learn from peers and contribute with your own experiences and knowledge.
You want to reflect your current pathways to scaling and define next steps.
You want to become part of a community of practice, a community of fellows working on maximising impact that will support you beyond these 1.5 days.


Upon successful completion of a pre-assignment (1-3h), the workshop (12h) and a post-assignment (8-14h) demonstrating expected learning outcomes, you will obtain an unCertificate of Completion (equivalent of 1 ECTS).

Daniel Zimmer is convinced that today’s priority is action and that we cannot wait any longer to implement the transitions required. Discourse is key to change the mind-set, but action needs to follow. His work on water and climate change at global level has also convinced him of two things: first, that all planetary threats are interdependent and need to be tackled jointly; and second, that a good articulation between global and local issues and actions is key. He is also passionate about mobilizing a large diversity of people in a positive way in order to stimulate their consciousness and willingness to act. Daniel is working at Climate-KIC as Director Sustainable Land Use, is involved in the globalisation of the French government initiative “Les Acteurs du Nouveau Monde”. In 2015 he co-founded the non-profit association scaling4good. 
Anaïs Sägesser is passionate about engaging with people to work towards an inclusive society. She sees climate change as merely a symptom of our values, belief systems. Together with Daniel she has co-founded scaling4good in 2015 which complements her activities at STRIDE. For this Lab she is delighted to bring her two (broad) fields of interest together.
"STRIDE Labs" introduce subject-specific skills and understanding. Lab subjects range from alternative organisational models to growth hacking to coding and to inner self-leadership. Upon successful completion, participants will receive a unique STRIDE unCertificate in the topic. Registration is open to all.

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STRIDE Lab | Scaling Impact (2nd edition)

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