Spiritual Innovation - Experiential Workshop, Wandellust, Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2019

This experiential workshop is offered to Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Promise: A 3-day experiential workshop where you will be manifesting the full power of your life purpose and its value for customers. Whatever is held inside you will be revealed and made tangible to others to experience, feel and engage with in a compelling and unique value people who establish themselves as independent providers of coaching/leadership/facilitation/training/other services right after a coach or leadership development course often face a difficult learning curve: being a coach and being an entrepreneur are two radically different roles which need very different skillsets. Yes, you can learn to develop your brand, create marketing strategies,  enrol customers and have a fancy website and none of these recipes will work if the deep essential work which is required before to let you step into your essence is not done... BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR AS A LEADER OR COACH REQUIRES A CONSTANT BALANCE BETWEEN BEING AND DOING:

if you keep focusing on doing, you will dilute your focus and impact and come from a needy place. Opportunism will not make you unique: it will turn you into a headless chicken and burn you out
If you keep focusing on being, you will keep digging deeper and deeper within yourself and will start feeling like you can never be ready to meet your clients: there will always be a new training needed, a new skill to learn... It will turn you into a wishful thinker always shying away from its own impact

​Value Proposition: The Spiritual Innovation will bring you RECONCILIATION and GENERATIVE POWER: let's tap into the full range of our inner resources, let's channel the potential in clients and organisations, let's do it in a way that may only be evoked by YOU. From a place of authenticity, there will be abundance, serenity and growth.  I am therefore offering 3 days on this journey. I will make you shine powerfully. I will hold you with compassion. I will challenge you with fierceness. It will be a moving and fun experience: Let's be and do this!Day 1: Full Focus on BEING

BE in alignment with your life purpose, your impact and the people who you serve
Develop your PRESENCE through Stage and Role-Play activities: be aligned with the universal YOU: neither shy nor overwhelming
Step into the 5 Entrepreneurial Attributes defined by IDEO and use them as the cornerstones of everything you are and do

Day 2: Full focus on DOING

Learn and practice "Value Proposition Design" (Strategyzer), the best Design-thinking methodology available on the market
Clarifying the profiles of your customers and create a unique Value Proposition for them
Publishing a first prototype of your offerings and receiving immediate feedback from potential customers
Pivoting your Value Proposition, adapting your prototype accordingly and reinforcing your core messages while broadening your audience


Express Your Value Proposition in front of an audience and learn to recover from destructive feedback
Learn to connect simultaneously with your essence, your value proposition and Customers 
Actively manage the impact you want to create on others and on the world around you
Get prospects, customers and peers excited by your vision as they engage with what is available for them

The previous instance of "The Entrepreneurial Coach" was a success! Here is a sample of testimonials from participants:- "A great place for like-minded people who want to connect and create together. A powerful spirit and atmosphere are created and the learning is very valuable to create products that find resonance and stop into Entrepreneurship" - Michi Bieder, Leadership Coach- "Take your coaching practice to the next level. Define your unique coaching package within 3 days of life-changing training" - Li Isings, Health Alchemist- "Every entrepreneur needs this workshop" - Pam Kowalski, Leadership Coach & trainer- "Makes you stop being a drama queen and start acting" - Edyta Białkowska, Life Coach- "Super valuable if you are scared of or stuck in designing your product.  Powerfully embrace & embody what it means to be an Entrepreneur" - Katja Müller, CTI Faculty, Coach and Workshop Leader

Spiritual Innovation - Experiential Workshop

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