SALESGAME MASTERPLAYER - ZURICH, Karl der Grosse, Donnerstag, 06. Dezember 2018

Until you learn how to sell. That's a fact. 
And the nightmare of losing your business becomes a very real scenario, if selling is not your strength. People telling you: I told you so! and looking stupid will be the least of your problems.
Having to go back and get a job because you failed in business is was what most entrepreneurs are terrified of.

When you start out in business as a solopreneur, you usually have no idea how to sell. In fact your sales conversions are so low, that keeping your business afloat is a constant struggle. You are  living from month to month, have sleepless night after sleepless night because you are afraid that - if you do  not sell - your income stream will be drying up and you will not know how to pay the bills for the business the next month.
I don't know if you have experienced something similar, but this scenario is very scary for most entrepreneurs.
When I had opened up my first real  business selling horses, this is exactly the situation I was in. And it wasn't until I started to study about sales and came across some awesome techniques and processes, that make selling really easy, that my business became successful. Knowing and implementing the techniques and processes made high sales conversions a constant and a full pipeline of leads and clients a given.
As soon as I learned how to sell, another interesting thing happened: All of a sudden people were coming to me for my services and I was getting Joint Venture offers and people wanting to do business with me left and right. 
Wouldn't you like the world coming to you because of what you do - rather then chasing after every single customer?
To help Businesses like yours is why we created THE SALESGAME MASTERPLAYER EXPERIENCE™, a fast-paced game which offers a fun way to learn the fundamentals of sales and - if you are already pretty good at sales - put your skills to the test!

Based on the studies about the best way to learn thru interaction and activities, we developed a game, that is not only fun but will teach you the fundamentals of sales in a very entertaining workshop is not for you if you

expect a boring, class-room style teaching environment

like sleeping during a meetup

if you are happy with where you are right now - in terms of sales

if learning is a nuisance to you

 and if you already know it all

BUT if you are

ready and open for new strategies and techniques

eager to be thinking outside of the box

happy with a dramatic sales increase over the next couple of weeks

always ready to learn

and willing to play a bigger game

this evening is for you! We are looking forward to playing with you,
Nathalie Sabrina Dahl


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