Privacy Risks & Corporate Compliance: the GDPR perspective - Zurich, Zurich, Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2018

How to evaluate potential risks and, if necessary, adapt KYC practices, customer data analysis tools at the international level
[9.00-9.30]• Defining personal data - What Has Changed as a Result of the Data Explosion Induced by the Digital Revolution.
[9.30-10.40]• How Does the New GDPR Perspective Increase the Risk Exposure for Banks and Corporate Service Providers.• Overview of the Six Principles Concerning the Processing of Personal Data: Purpose, Transparency, Security, Purpose Limitation and Data Retention.• The Impact of the European Directive 95/46 / EC of 1995 that Regulates the Transfer of Personal Data Outside the EU: Liability, Privacy by Design, Extraterritoriality, Data portability, Supervision of Subcontracting etc.• Risks of Criminal Liability, Risk of Regulatory Burden by Foreign Authorities and Risks of Reputational Damage for the Financial Institution
[10.40-11.00] Coffee Break
[11.00-11.45]• How to Implement New Data Governance Rules and New Internal Collaboration Modes as Part of a Structured and Unified GDPR Approach.
[11.45-13.00]• Overview of Domestic & Foreign Data Protection Law & Criminal Procedures in Case of Infringements.
Keynote speaker:Maureen Mutua, Founder,Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional,Eden Management Consultants

Privacy Risks & Corporate Compliance: the GDPR perspective - Zurich

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