NLP with Python (an Introduction), Impact Hub Zürich - Colab, Sonntag, 07. Oktober 2018

The 12th Natural Language Processing & Text Analytics Meetup is organized in collaboration with Women++. It will be a hands-on workshop on NLP. It is introductory level and requires basic knowledge of Python. It will take place at Impact Hub Colab Space. Please make sure all requested libraries are installed ahead the workshop.

NLP with Python (an Introduction)
Date: Sunday, 7th October
Time: 10:00-15:00, incl. 1 hour lunch break.
Please note: no lunch will be provided. There are several options in the surroundings. Also, if you prefer to bring your own food please feel free to do so.
Venue: Impact Hub Colab Space. Sihlquai 131, 8005 Zurich.
This workshop will cover the tools which will help you to quickly make sense of the large streams of text and voice information. It will be built progressively to give you a fair understating of the machinery behind the scenes: we will start with an introduction to machine learning in the context of natural language processing, and  move to neural networks, and learn how to apply modern NLP libraries. Real-life examples will include speech-to-text, information retrieval, and text summarization.
Prerequisites: We expect that you have some background in programming. Knowledge of linear algebra and basic calculus is necessary to understand the part of machine learning and deep learning. Other than that, please bring your good mood and curiosity!
Preparation:  Please install the following on your personal lap-top prior to the workshop if possible:
- python>=3.6
- bokeh=0.12.5 - plotly=2.2.2 - networkx=1.11 - keras=2.1.2=py36_0 - networkx=1.11 - nltk=3.2.5 - numpy=1.12.1 - scikit-learn=0.19.1 - spacy=2.0.5 - tensorflow=1.1.0 - pandas=0.22.0

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NLP with Python (an Introduction)

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