Learn to Design for Behaviour Change Workshop, Zürich, Mittwoch, 27. März 2019

Why does behaviour change matter

Behaviour Change is a Scaling Pathway

Scaling from niche offerings into the mainstream is a large challenge for solutions that contribute to a future in which everyone can flourish. Especially breaking into existing norms, showing new possible pathways and supporting people to change their existing behaviours are key skills required to bring about change.
Nice web design is not "by default" leading to behaviour change. Understanding your potential target audience, imagining each step of how they will interact with you, and designing the interactions by including recent knowledge on behavioural sciences is key - and almost an art. And like each art, it requires at its base to know essential methods, fundamental skills and to practice.

For whom is this workshop

We invite Changemakers

This workshop is for people working on projects aiming at increasing the sustainability in a system and which, to succeed, require their target audience to change the way they presently behave – be it by adopting new behaviours or changing current habits. Participants can come from NGOs, companies, social businesses or associations working in areas like mobility, energy, food, resource management, sustainable lifestyles, conservation, etc.
Examples or participants:

An environmental manager of a municipality aims at increasing recycling rates.
An NGO aims at motivating citizens to spend holidays nearby and avoid flying.
A company aims at creating a corporate culture driven by inclusive values.
A startup aims at decreasing food waste through a web-application.

What do you learn

Learn to support people to change their behaviours

You develop skills and gain a toolkit smoothing your way to reaching people effectively with your solutions and support them to change their behaviours.
You will access essential knowledge from behavioural science, design thinking and lean development. You will learn methods from our “Designing for Behaviour Change” book, use our canvases to navigate on your journey and notice when to correct your course. You will apply insights during exercises, have a peer-to-peer exchange on the challenges of your current projects and access our community of changemakers. 

Behavioural science insights
Better understand how the mind works, how do we make decisions and when do we change our behaviour.

Design for change know-how
Design approaches, services and products which support people to change their behaviour.

Empathize with your users

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience.

Iterative learning
Navigate an iterative process that includes continues learning to design in a lean way.

Who facilitates this workshop

Learning design & behavioural sciences hands-on experts

Majka Baur
Majka is the author of the book “A Changemakers Guide to Designing for Behaviour Change”. She wrote the book based on research, interviews with experts and her hands-on experience as a social entrepreneur at WeAct, where she supported cultural changes within large organisations based on the behaviour change of individuals. Majka supports changemakers to connect to their life vision and path through personal systemic-integrative coaching and retreats in nature. She loves to kitesurf, mountaineer or delight friends at dinners.

Katrin Hauser
Katrin draws energy from the fascination for the developement of people, organisations and societies. She has over 20 years of experience as project manager and leader in the private sector, public sector and international organisations. Katrin works independently and within networks as a coach and consultant for sustainability and innovation. She is the president of scaling4good and board member of Legacy17. Katrin loves to be active in the mountains, where she finds calmness to reflect and get inspired to write novels. 

Practical Information

Participants: 4-16

Behavioural sciences insights & methodologies
Interactive exercises and peer-to-peer learning
A copy of the book "A Changemakers Guide to Designing for Behaviour Change"
Design for behaviour change canvases
Delicious vegetarian lunch, tea, coffee and snacks

If you have any question please write to .

Learn to Design for Behaviour Change Workshop

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