Kodo Evolution in Tallinn, Estonia *Details TBA, Schweiz, Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

“Kodo One Earth Tour 2018: Evolution” Europe Tour
Step into the world of Kodo, created by our past, our present, and our dedication to the future of taiko performing arts.
This production showcases the perpetual creative evolution of taiko performing arts ensemble Kodo under the artistic direction of Tamasaburo Bando.
Following its premiere in Aug. 2016 at Suntory Hall in Tokyo, as one of three Kodo 35th Anniversary Commemorative Concerts, this performance toured extensively throughout Japan. Our 2018 Europe tour will be the first time this work is presented abroad. We look forward to sharing “Evolution” with audiences at theaters and concert halls throughout Europe!
Preview on YouTube:
Further details:

Kodo Evolution in Tallinn, Estonia *Details TBA

Unterhaltung Turnende Vereine Eschlikon

Unterhaltung Turnende Vereine Eschlikon

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