Jesus Was A Zombie 4 - Exhumation at Provitreff Zurich, Schweiz, Samstag, 27. Januar 2018

☠️☠️ Industrial-Hartcore-Hard DnB-Gabba-Terror-Speedcore-Flashcore-Breakcore ☠️☠️

Time: 2100 - 0800
No ticket presale. Only door.

💀💀 THE MASSACRE -live- / CH 💀💀
label boss goes always first and in front of his demons into the battlefield! went and came back from ****. he recame into this world kicking and screaming while covered in someone elses blood and he has no problem with going out the same way! still on guitar+scream+fast bpm mode.

💀💀 AMIGA SHOCK FORCE -live- / DE 💀💀
once referred to as the most brutal hardcore / breakcore act on the german scene had their vinyl debut back in 1996 on Speedcore Records, progressed to the legendary Hamburg based ultra hardcore label Fischkopf, released 2006 on TNI aswell, they will unleash more madness via the upcoming Terrornoize Industry vinyl what brings nothing but sick speedcore, terror and breakcore alerts. rare public performance, u shouldn't miss it!

💀💀 T-******/QUALKOMMANDO -live- / DE 💀💀
what to say to this guy? i am speechless. thats the guy who is responsable TNI resurrected from the ashes. how he did that? well, what close very good friends always do. talk, talk, talk, understand, show empathy, listen, advice, convince, motivate, support, have faith, believe. THANK YOU Matthias.

💀💀 LA PESTE -live- / FRA 💀💀
--- first time in Switzerland ---
a new TNI family member and founder of the music style "Flashcore". Flashcore describes an avant-garde form of electronic music which exists aesthetically somewhere between speedcore techno, industrial noise and electroacoustic soundscapes. Be ready for some sykic experiences!

💀💀 KOUSEI MURAKI / *** *special guest* 💀💀
--- first time in Switzerland ---
he's the boss of the famous Japanese label and party crew "Superbad Midi Breaks". Kousei started the underground hardcore and terror parties "TOTAL DESTRUCTION" based in Tokyo in 2012. In 2015 he played at Dominator and after this gig he had a couple more bookings in NL and DE. he's also asked to make podcasts for famous online podcast shows like Industrial Strength radio. Kousei will cross many seas just to have a good night in Zurich with us. no tour announcement, single booking!

💀💀 ROTATOR -live- / FRA 💀💀
Witness an intense and energetic mix of chopped up percussion, hard as nails 4/4 kicks and hoovering bass lines. Inject some furious ragga & breakcore mash-up behaviour and you are left with a feeling of being pleasantly used and abused. Rotator will dismantle your firecrackers and bomb the place down cause he’s the perfect combination of French pastry and kamikaze riddims. He’s the King of the dance floor and yardsales!

--- first time in Switzerland ---
first eye contact with this mental ill guy was like 10years in Moscow. he didnt speak english, me russian neither. what to do? well, u dont need to talk when there is russian vodka!! **** the export stuff u drink in Europe. so many excellent trademarks you never heard of. ah yeah, back to his music skillz. well ultra fast rrrrrrrrr boom boom drrrrrrr chhhhh speeeeeeeeedcccccoooooorrrrrrrreee!!!! \m/_o.o_\m/

💀💀 DJ HIDDEN / NL 💀💀
there are mastering guys, gamesound designers, dnb, hard dnb or crossbreed artists and on the otherside is demigod Noel Wessels! alot of producers tried to copy his style, creativity and sound quality. nobody reached his master level to this day (our opinion!). his mixing skills and dark, haunting, cinematic music will catch your dancing spirits immediately. shaking night guaranteed!

💀💀 DJ SCOTCH EGG -live- / *** *special guest* 💀💀
our personal pre-christmas gift! egoism for the win! was always a dream to book him. but sometimes different life circumstances doesn't allow it. this crazy live actor uses a handheld video game console (game boy) to shape chiptune/gabba/breakcore dance-music for the crowd. he will play an exclusive OLD set. he didn't do it for many years, but he does an exception, just for TNI. outraged entertainment as ****. result: a delicious brain cocktail!

💀💀 EBE COMPANY –live- / DE 💀💀
a primary rock in the Industrial Darkcore German scene. started his career in 1993, played at Mayday, Nature One, Loveparade, Hellraiser or Bunker Berlin, stopped playing in 2014, few days ago exhumated by TNI, he didusts his live equipment just for an underground party in Zurich! did you know he was 50% of **** ****? EBE Company released on labels such as Acardipane Records, Crossbones, ID&T, Masters of Hardcore, Strike Records or The Third Movement aswell. be ready for some energetic creative challenging Industrial Darkcore productions!

💀💀 MIDDLE M -live- / FRA 💀💀
--- first time in Switzerland ---
the only lady of the night and second upcoming TNI she producer showing real female power like an amazonian warrior! first phone call, first impression: this lady is fuckin' awesome. italian resistance family roots like i have, sensitive with an amazing heart like goddess tellus, is able to insult or offend us in 1000 different italian language ways, impressed me with her dark, raw, brutal, mechanic millenium french core music style aswell. you can fall in love with her only. let's open the colosseum fences! Caligula would have been proud of her. fight!

the basdardz brothers are back in Switzerland! they released on several labels like TNI, Industrial Strength, CSR, Speedcore Rec, ******* Loud, Hate System, Psychik Genocide, Shockwave or ID&T. you are an anti uptempo trallala hardcore music terrorhead? well, then you know them of course. if not, screw you! do your homework first 😆 music for real terrorists only. RAISE YA FIST!

💀💀 CORROSIVE -live- / SER 💀💀
after a simply phone call we bring 'em back to life on stage. This Serbian producer living in Swizz made his musical debut with our all time favourite label song "DIE FOR TNI" in 2007. he released on Speedcore Rec or Kopfkrank aswell. Resident act of the past TNI events, loyal & helpfull as ****, meanwhile had a public music sabbath, he deserves to be on the line up. we heard his latest mixes and unreleased traxx. ****, this guy developed. ALOT. be surprised!

💀💀 DIGITAL VANDAL -live- / FRA 💀💀
******* happy and a **** you to this world! the french VJs are back on TNI boat. they worked for birdy nam nam, dj netik (dmc world champion), noisia etc
expect some crazy mental distorted screen **** at the party! they gonna do the party trailer + aftermovie aswell. h-ell come back!


🔖 how to get there? 🔖

best airport is zurich kloten. take a train to zurich HB (=main station), duration ca 7min, then walk 10min

you have GPS :D is in the city. beside the river limmat. NOT on the riverside of the dynamo(!)

take the train to zurich HB (=main station), then walk 10min


🔖 donation 🔖
A part of the entry money will be automatically donated to /
Swiss Association for the Deaf And Hearing Impaires Organizations. Provitreff Zurich is a non-profite culture association and supports all underground cultures or movements. Check flyer, is written on it.

🔖 age 🔖

🔖 sound system 🔖
Provitreff increased their sound system months ago. Sounds way better and more brutal than before! dont forget your earplugs. we wont have at the party.

🔖 merchandising 🔖

🔖 digital 🔖

🔖 vinyl 🔖

🔖 more info 🔖

Jesus Was A Zombie 4 - Exhumation at Provitreff Zurich

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