Hypnotise me to uplift my money beliefs, Zurich, Donnerstag, 13. September 2018

“The single most powerful asset we have is our mind. If trained well, it can create enormous wealth – Robert Kiyosaki”
When you observe the world around you, you will see there are 2 types of people: people who live in “abundance” and people who live in the world of “lack”, regardless of what they have.
Money is one of the top 3 things that keep many people awake at night. It is a pervasive element in our live and we want to live in abundance of it. Yet, we do not always understand how to work with it – to attract and enjoy it.
Our relationship with money comes down to the beliefs /scripts/stories you have about money that are deeply ingrained in you.
Do you believe money is the root of all evil? Does money grow on trees? Does money create opportunities? Is it a rich man’s world? Does money change people? Are rich people bad? Are you happier and healthier when you have a lot of money? Are you always in debt? Do you always spend all that you earn? Is money a safety net for you? Does money equal status? Can money change lives for the better? Do you have an earning ceiling? What do you associate money with – joy or burden?
What do you think? And where do these beliefs come from?
Through family, society, peers, friends, work and more, we collect assumptions, statements and beliefs about money that we unconsciously believe to be true.
We are often tested when older generations pass away through sibling rivalry over inheritance matters. We sometimes feel guilty through having money, as if we do not deserve it.
These beliefs can help or block our lives. It’s time to look at what we believe and change those that do not serve us into something that will allow us to invite abundance of wealth and joy into our lives.
Come and discover with hypnotherapy what beliefs you have about money. With this understanding, you can change your beliefs to more positive and uplifting ones that support you in making the right choices.
There will be a group hypnotherapy session. Hypnosis is safe and you are always conscious. Contrary to some belief, you will not give up any control and you can choose to take part if you wish. People suffering from epilepsy and psychotic illnesses are advised not to join.
Please note that lunch is not included.  Register for a space now.

Hypnotise me to uplift my money beliefs

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