06. Juni 2020 - 11:30 bis 14:30
Arts & Expression - Atelier d'Art Créatif pour Enfants
SwitzerlandGeneva@Atelier du Square, rue François Bonivard 4

Edward Hopper for Kids, Arts & Expression - Atelier d'Art Créatif pour Enfants, Samstag, 06. Juni 2020


During this afternoon, children will paint in the style of American painter, Edward Hopper. In 1942 Hopper painted Nighthawks, a night scene in a large city diner. It is a perfect summary of his style. Hopper has a unique talent for painting the banality of ordinary life and made it a masterpiece. It represents a scene of ordinary life and just like many of his paintings, it tells stories despite the lack of elements. Edward Hopper incites our imagination as we think about what happened or what might happen just after the scene.


Edward Hopper for Kids

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