Digital Workshop Meetup & BBQ, IBV Informatik AG, Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2019

What to expect

This event is about how to create a digital workshop experience using tools like digital whiteboards, sticky-notes, cards, voting methods, tablets, and large touchscreens.Our experts with long-term experience in digitizing workshops and using collaboration methods will guide you through the workshop.
Key Learnings:
· Understand the capabilities of digital tools for workshops.· Learn how a touch tablet with a pen can foster creativity.· Learn 4 digital workshop techniques._____________________________________________________________

18:00 Opening
18:30 Digital Workshop Experience: Each attendee gets his own Microsoft Surface Go tablet and we use large interactive displays in the group. Everything we do it the workshop will be done digitally. We focus on the following 4 techniques and will work live on some concrete examples. 
· Icebreaker exercises: Get to know 4 icebreaker exercises you can do digitally.· Persona definition: See how we combine templates, images, and sticky-notes on touchscreens.· Gamestorming: Learn how to do to a remote innovative brainstorming session.· Kanban: Experience how to collect tasks on a large touchscreen and to manage them with a Kanban board.      
20:00 Networking & BBQ: After the digital workshop experience we will invite you to a BBQ._____________________________________________________________for more information

Digital Workshop Meetup & BBQ

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