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What you will learn
This two-day course teaches principles, frameworks, and tools of practical organization design. You will learn to effectively apply key organization design knowledge at your organization.
Key questions discussed in the course include

How do I link my strategy and business model with my organizing effort?
How can I define and use principles for unit grouping?
How do I link and align different organizational units for cross-organizational tasks?
How do I design for hierarchies and decision making in my organization?
How do I leverage teams in my organization design?
How can I foster agility through organization design?
How do I plan for effective implementation?

The course will work with first-hand examples and cases from our consulting work and from third parties, and will leave dedicated room to discuss real-life issues raised by course participants.
For whom
The training will be useful for everybody who has to solve complex organization design challenges, including:

Managers and entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their organization beyond just sketching org charts

HR business partners, facilitators, and consultants who need to provide support to their clients on organization design questions

While there is no formal requirement for participation, those with a sound experience working in large organizations and/or a concrete organization design challenge at their hand will likely benefit most.
The course language is English. The course is limited to maximum seven participants to allow sufficient time for discussion of participants’ questions and business challenges.
Who runs the course
Prof. Dr. Olaf Bach has more than ten years of experience in management consulting and more than five years of teaching organization design at the University of St. Gallen and business design at the Weißensee School for Art and Design Berlin. In his consulting, teaching, and writing, his focus is on designing ways to facilitate innovative and impactful approaches to practice management. He is the founder of Management Kits, a business design initiative to enable action learning based on management research, leveraging design thinking methodologies.
Visit Olaf's LinkedIn profile for more information
What you get
In the course:

Two-day hands-on learning experience on the ground under the guidance of Olaf Bach
Complete set of course materials

After the course:

One individual follow-up video conference with Olaf Bach within three months after the course to discuss follow-on and application questions
Full online access to the Organizational Structure Kit and the Team Kit
Management Kits Certificate of Participation

How much
CHF 1’890.–
CHF 1’590.– Early Bird (until May 8, 2018)
Terms and conditions for our courses apply.

Before the course
A brief questionnaire will be sent out to all registered participants to gather input on key dimensions of their roles, specific interests, and backgrounds. The results will inform course facilitation and details of practical sessions, and identify options for participants’ cross learning.
Day 1

Linking strategy, business model, and organization design
Scoping organization design work
Defining activities and functions
Unit definition and design
Linking units and x-org processes

Day 2

Shaping the org: spans and layers
Designing decision processes
Change and transformation planning
Teams and organization design
Agile organizing: building the adaptable organization

After the course
Each course participant is offered one 1-hour online session within three months after the event. In line with management learning best practices, the purpose of these sessions is to provide coaching on practical matters and discuss follow-on questions regarding tools or their implementation.
What are concrete «real life» issues that are dealt with in the workshop? How much theory and how much practice will there be in the workshop?
Based on some key conceptual inputs, the training will work with examples and cases from our consulting work and from third parties, and will leave dedicated room to discuss real-life, first-hand issues raised by course participants.
Is it an appropriate training for HR leaders?
While not exclusively for HR leaders, we had their requirements in mind designing the training, as they often lead organization design work in large organizations (as we know first-hand from our consulting work).
Who are usually the participants attending the session?
We usually have a mix of business and team leaders, functional managers (such as HR) and other service roles attending, bringing a broad range of practical management experience to the table. We moderate the discussions in the training to leverage this expertise for the training’s agenda and purpose.
Is it a practical training oriented with very concrete methodologies to use when back to the office?
Yes. The course is specifically built with a strong practice-oriented approach because we believe in the power of action-learning. Tools that attendees will learn to understand and to implement include, for example, Unit Grouping Options, Spans and Layers, and several tools to establish the links between units. Before the workshop, we will send out a brief questionnaire to our attendees to gather input informing course facilitation and details of practical sessions, and identify options for participants’ cross learning. We include a follow-up online session after the course in order to maximize practical impact and usability of course contents.
I can’t make the date – what are my alternatives?
You can work with the Organizational Structure Kit on your own, which also includes a 1-hour onboarding session. In addition, to stay up to date with offers and future trainings by subscribing to our newsletter.
For all inquiries please contact Sonya  +41 44 520 9776

Designing Organizations

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