Design Thinking Introduction, University of St. Gallen, Montag, 05. November 2018

Design Thinking acknowledges that businesses not paying attention to their customers are bound to fail. Over time it even widened the focus and now emphasizes a “human-centered” approach: the human being is at the center of the solution.
Consequently, values like empathy, diversity and openness are constantly applied in interdisciplinary teams. Understanding the true needs of a person and crafting tangible solutions quickly sets this method apart from regular brainstorming sessions. Prototypes are created in order to visualize ideas, gain feedback from users and decrease R&D budgets.
In this training, we will provide you with the basics of Design Thinking:
This 1-day course offers you the opportunity to learn and apply the Design Thinking (DT) methodology by doing a small case study. 
You’ll walk away having...

Applied the DT process to a real life challenge

Experienced qualitative user research

Internalized synthesizing techniques

Experimented with low-resolution prototyping methods

Immersed yourself in a new way of working and approaching problems

Guidelines and templates for immediate usage

This is the ideal course for you if you…

Are a professional (employed or freelancer) interested in bringing innovation into your company

Want to learn new approaches to solve complex problems in a changing world

Excited to be open-minded, proactive and curious

Included in the price are the...

Certificate of absolving the Design Thinking Introduction Course

Training and hands-on feedback

Documentation and learning materials

Food and Drinks

Excluded in the price are the...

Travel Costs


We will give hands-on feedback based on each individual’s performance to guarantee learning success. The learning materials and hands-on tools are provided after the workshop to ensure that you can apply the learned techniques in your daily routine immediately. Included in the price are the training, documentation and learning materials.

Visit our website: or contact us for more information on! We are happy to hear from you.

PLEASE NOTE: Workshop is conducted in GERMAN or ENGLISH depending on the participants preferences.

Cancellation Policy:
We will confirm the dates and course language of the training latest one month before the training date. 

Design Thinking Introduction

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