CSS at Scale, ti&m AG, Mittwoch, 04. Dezember 2019

Modern websites and applications have a component-based UI that has to work on every screen size. The CSS language was not designed for large and complex frontends but there is no other choice so we still have to use it.
This course will help you create large web applications that have manageable and maintainable stylesheets. You will learn how to embrace the cascade and balance encapsulation. You will look differently at Designs provided to you and learn how to provide useful feedback to your designers.

Course objectives

You can create responsive components that look great on any screen in every Language.
You learn the modern layout technologies Flexbox and CSS Grid.
You understand the difference between semantics and styling.
You can correctly extract primitives form a provided design.
 You can keep complexity under control by lowering the specifity and number of your selectors.
You learn the pitfalls and common mistakes that you have to avoid.
You can recognize errors and omissions in the designs provided to you.
You know how to use a frontend framework to its fullest potential
You can create components that always look great even when you don’t have control over the layout, e.g. in a CMS context.

Course contents

 Structural thinking
Semantic HTML
 CSS concepts
CSS technologies Flexbox, Grid and Variables
Working with Frontend-Frameworks
Working together with Designers

Target audience
Frontend Developers, Interaction Designers

Previous knowledge
Basic HTML and CSS knowledge

Bring with you
Laptop with installed Browser, Git and Code-Editor

Theory lessons, some excercises, Videos

Simon Bächler, ti&m

CSS at Scale

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