CMS Protection with Mod Security - Zürich, SWITCH, Donnerstag, 06. Dezember 2018

About the training
Vulnerable Content Management Systems (CMS) installed by website owners are a major source of compromise for web hosters. This one das Training will teach you how to protect CMSs with Mod Security until they are properly patched. We will look into Apaches Mod Security and learn how to apply rules that are distributed via SIWECOS and CMS Garden to defend against known attacks. 

Audience:This training is for system administrators from hosters and infrastructure providers familiar with Apache Server and a basic security knowledge. The training will be given in

Chris Folini ( 
David Jardin (CMS Garden/Joomla/SIWECOS) 
David Jardin is the lead of the Joomla Security team, long-term opensource contributor and project-lead of the SIWECOS-webhost service. 

This event is organized in cooperation with Swico and SIWECOS

SIWECOS is a publicly-funded IT-security project aiming to improve the security of SMB websites, offers free mod_security rulesets to filter critical exploits in major opensource CMS. In the second part of the training, you’ll learn what SIWECOS is about, how the hostservice works and how you can retrieve the rulesets to protect your customers.
09:00 Welcome Coffee
09:30 Block 1: Mod Security
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 Block 2: Mod Security
12:30 Lunch 
14:00 Block 3: SIWECOS
15:15 Coffee Break
15:45 Block 4: Using SIWECOS information to implement mod security rules
16:30 Farewall and drinks

CMS Protection with Mod Security - Zürich

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