Blockchain Technology Consulting , Zurich Marriott Hotel, Freitag, 06. Dezember 2019

Come and join us - Cut through the hype and see what it really means to use blockchain technology in your business.
While blockchain technology was initially of interest in the field of finance, its potential is now being realised across industries, including the energy, telecom sector or medtech. As blockchain advances beyond its original applications, executives are shifting their focus to the ‘how’ rather than the ‘why’ of incorporating blockchain into business strategies. 
Gain a comprehensive understanding of how blockchain works, and its potential impact on economies and financial structures. 
Gain insights on how blockchain technology can make an important contribution to mastering the upcoming challenges in today’s world of work.

Key facts:
Runtime: one day event
Language: English 

08:30  welcome coffee 
09:00  understanding blockchain
09:55  blockchain ecosystem
10:30  coffee break 
11:00  value transfer and tokens 
12:00  lunch
13:30  decentralized apps and smart contracts 
14:20  transforming enterprise business models
15:05  coffee break 
15:30  frontiers, ICT and cybersecurity
16:15  concluding remarks and discussion round 

Blockchain Technology Consulting

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