19. Februar 2018 - 4:00

Basler Fasnacht, Schweiz, Montag, 19. Februar 2018

Switzerland loves a carnival – and Basel is it biggest, attracting around 500,000 visitors a year. Mind you, the festivities kick-off early – and promptly – at 4am with the Morgenstreich (morning stroke) when all lights are switched off and about 200 ensembles start making their way through the city centre, lit by hand-painted lanterns. It’s followed by three-days of marching bands, and costumed paraders throwing sweets and confetti at the crowds.

Basler Fasnacht



Montag 19. Februar 2018
88th Geneva International Motor Show

88th Geneva International Motor Show

Donnerstag 08. März 2018
The Chainsmokers | Zürich
Montag 26. Februar 2018
Swiss Moto 22-25.2.2018
Donnerstag 22. Februar 2018
Thirty Seconds To Mars | Basel
Montag 12. März 2018
Salon de l'auto Genève
Samstag 10. März 2018
Zürich - Kelly Family
Sonntag 11. März 2018
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