Age gracefully and healthy, Buchzelgweg 3, Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2018

My name is Isabella Maria Bordoni and I am an Empowerment & Career Coach with the heartfelt passion to support women, in particular mothers in many ways so they can live a happy, healthy and self reliant life. Having faced many challenges in my life I came to realize that no matter what you give to children as long as the mother is not living a stable life on safe grounds, the children cannot feel completely happy. This I realized after facing my darkest days 11 years ago and led me to found Women Support Mothers.
The monthly get togethers / events are meant to give value and inspire as well as to meet other amazing people. When I was facing my dark times after divorce and loosing my job plus having to liquidate the company too, I realized how lonely the world can be and feel. When I left my "safe place" at home and have gone to Events the impact they had on my life were incredible. With this in mind I am so happy to see and get to know many of you!
Warm regards, Isabella
Event May with Graciella Huber (photo) whom inspires me and will do so with you.
Do you want to know the secret of aging gracefully?
Join us for an interesting evening with Graciella Huber, the only certified practionner of Vimana in Switzerland.
About Graciella Huber:
I have a holistic healthcare studio named Sorea Gesundheitspraxis in Zurich.
As a model, I travelled a lot and in my job it has been always very important to look healthy and beautiful. Beauty was a daily topic and I did not like the fact that I was getting older day in and day out because at that time I thought looking beautiful is linked to a person’s age.
Today, I know that this was a grand illusion. During the years past, I have experienced a great many people in their later lives who have become admired for their radiant and glowing beauty. This made me wonder what beauty really means.
The answer, I discovered, was quite simple and valid for every corner of this world. Wherever I went, I found that being beautiful simply means being in balance, being healthy, in body, mind and soul. Beauty does not depend on someone’s age or facial features. It depends on the health of their existence as a whole. It is the result of a well nourished body, a calmed mind, and a content soul, each connected to the other. Vinama, which originated in Vietnam, is a facial multireflexology treatment related to Chinese acupuncture, that draws on the connection between body, mind, and soul. However, unlike traditional acupuncture, there are no needles in Vinama and purpose-built, blunt instruments are used instead. It’s founder, Prof. Dr. Bùi Quôc Châu, has been honored with multiple international awards and is known as a renowed speaker and expert in the fields of alternative medicine, acupuncture and pain therapy.
In Vinama, different areas and organs in the body are assumed to be interconnected between themselves as well as connected to the mind and its thoughts and emotions. Hence, it is not a matter of age if somebody starts getting bags around their eyes but a true sign of imbalance within this person’s body and/or mind. While such wrinkles can be treated with injections, this will not prove sustainable. They will surely reappear, again and again, as long as the underlying imbalance as cause of the skin change is not properly addressed and healed.
The goal of my treatment is to get to the bottom of undesired skin changes such as deep lines, wrinkles, baggy eyes and more and address them in a sustainable way. I help my clients to bring their bodies, minds and souls back into their natural balance. Their radiant and glowing beauty residing in each and every one of us shines bright irrespective of facial features and age. Are you interested? Then join our event.
Why you should join our event?
I help you understand why certain changes in the skin of your face occur.
I give you valuable information how these can be prevented.
And most importantly, I show you how to find back to your inner balance and awaken your radiant beauty so you can age gracefully.
Additonal benefits are: raise of the energy level, increase of the sensory perception, and increase in learning and memory performance.
In addition, a result of mental balance is more relaxation and more zest for life.

Age gracefully and healthy

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